Should You Get a Lawyer After a Refinery Accident?

If you have been injured in a refinery accident, it’s essential to engage an experienced personal injury lawyer to represent you. An attorney with experience representing refinery accident victims will know how to investigate the scene of the accident and uncover the necessary evidence to prove that the oil company was negligent. The oil company will be doing everything in their power (and ample financial means) to limit their liability, so it’s vital that you have a skilled refinery accident lawyer on your side.

Are accident lawyers worth it?

In refinery accident cases, hiring an accident lawyer is well worth the cost. 

Refinery accidents can cause severe injuries with extensive medical bills and other damages. Hiring a refinery accident lawyer to handle your case can maximize the value of your claim by taking on the oil companies for you. Statistically, people who hire accident lawyers receive higher settlements. Even after paying attorney fees, accident victims still walk away with much more money than they would have received without a lawyer.  

Personal injury attorneys deal with accidents every day. As a result of this experience, refinery accident lawyers have developed:

  • Extensive knowledge of the relevant laws and oil company tactics
  • Strategies for handling oil companies
  • Familiarity with the personal injury case process
  • Unparalleled negotiation skills

In addition to the unique skillset offered by an accident lawyer, there are various other benefits to having legal representation. Attorneys often use investigators to obtain evidence that strengthens your case. An experienced refinery accident lawyer will know what proof you need to win your case and how to get it. 

Oil companies have the resources to hire the most experienced and aggressive attorneys they can find. To get the compensation you deserve, you need a seasoned and knowledgeable accident lawyer on your team.

What percentage do accident lawyers take?

It’s typical for accident lawyers to take 33% to 45% of the compensation you receive 

Most accident lawyers work on what is called a “contingency fee” basis. With contingency fees, you don’t pay the attorney anything upfront. Instead, you agree to pay your lawyer a fixed percentage of the settlement or verdict you receive once the payment is secured. For example, if you receive a settlement of $100,000 and you agreed to pay your accident lawyer a 33% contingency fee, you will pay $33,000 in attorney fees. However, if you don’t receive a settlement, you don’t owe the lawyer anything, since 33% of $0 is $0. 

When should I contact a refinery accident lawyer?

If you’ve been injured in a refinery accident or your loved one has been killed, you should contact a refinery accident lawyer as soon as possible. 

Refinery explosions can be catastrophic events, often severely injure or kill multiple victims. This means that the oil company could be on the hook for massive amounts of money. It also means that the oil company, their insurance company, and their team of lawyers will do everything they can to avoid taking responsibility for the accident. 

The sooner you can get a refinery accident lawyer involved, the sooner they can start gathering the evidence you need to win your case. Make sure you choose a refinery accident lawyer with the experience and knowledge necessary to take on the oil companies. A seasoned attorney will know how to identify and obtain the evidence you need to prove the oil company was at fault.

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