Workplace Accidents

Have you been injured on the job or at your workplace? Our personal injury lawyers protect victims like you throughout Texas.

What is a workplace accident?

Workplace accidents can involve both workers’ compensation and general liability/personal injury law. While workers generally pursue workers’ compensation benefits from their employers, they may pursue claims against negligent third parties, as well. These careless third parties are often contractors, subcontractors, organizations, and other people present on a work site.

What does a workplace accident lawyer do?

Our team of workplace injury attorneys have handled numerous occupational accident cases. If you have been injured at a construction, offshore, industrial, manufacturing, refinery, or commercial site, we can help. Our personal injury attorneys can help you pursue your claim and maximize your compensation. We are skilled at obtaining financial compensation for workers who are injured, either physically or emotionally, as a result of work. We have successfully won large settlements for our clients in workman’s compensation cases.

What's an example of a workplace accident?

The Manginello Law Firm has recovered millions of dollars for various workplace injuries. In a recent case, a log was dropped on our client, while he was working at a logging company. As a result, he suffered from a brain injury with vision loss. The case settled and our client received a multi-million dollar settlement. Have you been injured on the job? Call or email us today.

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